The IQCCTV range of CCTV solutions are the best value in the UK; they offer professional quality cameras and DVRs at affordable prices.

The evolution of our products - All IQCCTV products are designed in the UK by our own R&D team to the product specification provide by you the customer. The IQ product design process begins with involves a lengthy consultation where we discuss, with a cross section of our customers, their thoughts and suggestions regarding product features. We then take the agreed specification to our design team to finalise prototypes which are sent across to our approved manufacturers. The first samples are produced and sent for rigorous testing, firstly by the IQ team then by you the installer. After completing this process and receiving our laboratories’ certifications the next IQ CCTV product is released, so we are sure it will offer unrivalled performance and innovative features at an affordable price.

Our mission - The IQCCTV philosophy has always been to offer quality and performance at unbeatable prices. This has been achieved by close cooperation with the worlds leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical components, ensuring that all IQCCTV products offer the very latest technology and features.

The right choice - When you choose an IQCCTV product you can be confident that you are making the right choice with a versatile, durable and reliable CCTV solution that's ready to go.

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IQCCTV products are highly acclaimed for their professional quality and innovative features.


Our technical support team are Microsoft certified and fully trained in all aspects of CCTV and Security.


As well as a standard 1 Year Warranty, for extra peace of mind, we also offer an optional 3 Year Care Pack.